Should I take protein after Yoga




Should I take Protein after Yoga?


 So you found a post about protein and yoga.. Will it make me bulky or Gassy? The answer is probably no. Protein is an essential part of our diet and even though you aren't scooping it into a shake everyday, it might be the time to start.  What better than Shake Chef Protein btw.

Protein is a building block of muscle repair but it also necessary to simply maintain a healthy muscle mass even if you aren't working out or stretching a ton.  Lack of protein means a loss of not just muscle but bone density as well. Previously thought that excess amounts of protein can cause the body to secret calcium from the bones into the urinary tract reducing bone density, but the opposite was actually true according to

"Dietary protein plays an important role in maintaining balanced calcium levels in the body. Protein's impact on skeletal health remains unclear. It is well accepted that increasing dietary protein results in greater excretion of calcium through urine. The excreted calcium is thought to come in part from bone, which would suggest a negative effect on bone health. However, recent studies have found that higher protein intake is, in fact, associated with higher bone mineral density and lower rates of bone loss. "

Now ask yourself this, are you intaking 1 gram of protein for every 1lb of body weight?


A 140lb, 35 year old woman should be intaking 140 grams of protein per day. That's the equivalent of 3.5, 6 ounce chicken breasts. 

This might come as a shock that you should be consuming that much, but it might be easier than you think. Reducing the possibility of osteoporosis and having nice arms is probably worth it right? Protein does not need to come from an animal or a powder, nearly all foods have protein and some like nuts and quinoa have a surprisingly good amount but look out for calories. 

Generally a Shake Chef Scoop of protein will give you 25-30 grams of protein which helps you to achieve the proper protein intake when used in conjunction with your typical diet. Shake Chef protein is also low calorie and can be had in Vegan formula as well.

Best time to take Protein? You should be drinking your protein shake with 30 mins of your workout and I like to do an additional Shake Chef shake or two throughout the day. A shake before dinner is great as you will feel more full and may not need that dessert after. I prefer a fasting cardio in the morning, but if you feel the need to have something in your belly before class in the morning, a thick shake or even mixing it like pudding can get you through a Vinyasa without feeling overly full. Try almond or cashew milk for a creamy taste.

So why use protein with Yoga? Every time you handstand, stretch, hold a pose or even during breathing you are tearing muscle fibers that will need to be repaired and sculpted to suit the type of exercise you are doing. Your body literally trains itself to build improvements specific to the practice you're doing and you need protein to do it.  Want to reduce muscle fatigue?, take your protein, want to improve reach on a pose?, take your protein. Want toned arms, torso and legs? You know the answer. This becomes even more true as we age and our bodies start needing more nutrition to maintain health. 

Hopefully this article has shed some light, inspired you to sign up for a class with weights, or try Shake Chef Protein for the first time. We make Collagen Powder, Collagen Gummies, Whey Isolate for an ultra filtered low calorie protein, regular Whey Protein and the best tasting Vegan Protein you could imagine. I have tried most proteins on the market and Shake Chef is truly the best protein you can buy.

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