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Zuda Yoga East Rocklin

 As you enter the parking lot of a small suburban shopping complex in Rocklin, CA , you get the sense that you’re arriving somewhere special.  

 I have visited Zuda Yoga East in Rocklin, CA about a half dozen times now and it feels like a place I have been coming to for years. Plenty of parking out front and a short walk to the front doors will lead you into a beautiful entry with lots of room to decompress. A happy face at the front desk greets you as you are flanked by a merchandise wall to your left and a comfy sitting area to the right. There are Ipads to check in on should there be a line at the desk, but I have never found there to be a back up. Forgot your Alo yoga mat like I did? No worries, yoga mats are available to rent and the price is reasonable. 

 The studio is owned by Heidi Cohen who just this past month took over for a previous long-time owner that had a few locations under the same name. Heidi is a beloved veteran in the space who I have practiced with previously, so I was excited to see her new place. A little biased maybe, but I know she puts together an A+ program. 

On my visits I have taken classes with four different instructors who each have a lot of experience. This studio is not what I would call a training ground for new instructors, but more of a Jedi level instruction. I have felt in good hands and all of the instructors have a very different vibe which keeps it interesting.  

 While there are two yoga rooms, I have only experienced the larger Vinyasa room which has a multitude of different styles like Warrior, Ashtanga, Flow and more. The smaller room in the back has Yin and some more keenly focused classes. Private sessions are available as well. 

 The main room is super clean with room for about 50 mats if it got a bit comfy. On the ceiling they have some heated panels which direct heat evenly down onto the room. There is also forced air which I imagine will come in handy to quickly heat a winter 6am class. Windows to the front and left give some soft lighting and probably the best microphone and sound system I have heard in a studio makes the sound clear and crisp. The music has been great so far and it’s picked by the individual instructors. Diana had some pretty good beats in line with me. 

The schedule is more than accessible to anyone's schedule with an early 6am start and classes into the evening. The studio is open 7 days a week too, so no excuses when it comes to availability.  

 The classes range from 60 to 75 minutes and the time seems to fly by. After class there are changing rooms and showers if needed. I know I am missing some key points but that is my summary for now. I have had a great time at Zuda thus far and I plan on taking additional classes here, it is truly a 10/10. 

 Thank you for joining me on my journey to discover “Studios We Love”. Please stop by Zuda Yoga East and remember to check out Shake Chef for all your Studio Wellness needs. 

 “The Studio Athlete” 

 Zuda Yoga East 


 6015 Fairway Dr #200 Rocklin, CA 95677 (916) 259-1620

3 Reasons to check it out

30 for $30

Not the first or only studio to have this but it's great nonetheless. Give them a go for a month.


That's right, Zuda Yoga East has an in house nutritionist named LeighAnne Hales

Teacher Training

Zuda Yoga East  has a intensive teacher training program available. Both 200 and 300 hour programs to take you to the next level.




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