Hi Influencer,

It’s a pleasure to meet and work with you. My name is Mike Jacobsen and I am the founder of Shake Chef Studio Wellness.

The Shake Chef product line was created to better yourself with performance and recovery while providing more longevity. Let’s not forget that we want to stay young and we have that covered too.


We are asking for 4 things from the influencer. 

  1. Content in review format

  2. Video posted to Reels/Feed and share it to Stories. Please leave it up on your feed. DM it to @shake_chef

  3. Raw footage uploaded to dropbox for video review on our website products

  4. tag @shake_chef and #studioathlete and whatever tags you feel relate

The content I am looking for is Authentic, Organic conversation in a review format. There are some influencer examples pinned on @shake_chef. The video can be shot in one take, or over several days if you choose, it can have stutters and umms, bloopers and more. I want it to feel like a facetime you are having with a friend about something you discovered and love. Feel free to edit in additional footage like the shaker cup, workouts, or blender in action.. Most important is that you are speaking about the product. This style of post has been shown to grab lots of new followers too.

Of course you first must love it. So if you don’t like the product or can’t stand behind it, that’s ok. Keep the supplement and no hard feelings.

Here are our example videos and instructions. 




    Videos posted to your IG Reels, Stories and Feed

    tag @shake_chef and #studioathlete

    I would like to cover the following. The bullet points are just suggestions, do what you feel flows and makes sense as long as it covers the following. If you want to do something unrelated like a recipe, please email me.

    1. The Hook
    2. How you discovered Shake Chef
    3. The problem you faced
    4. Features Benefits
    5. Call to action

    The hook:

    • I feel like I had to share a change I made
    • I wish I knew about this years ago
    • Tired of being sore?
    • The biggest thing I did to improve my (handstand), (reps), (Double time in spin), (sets), (pose)

    How you discovered Shake Chef. You can make up your own, or use one of these:

    • My best friend told me about this.
    • I asked my instructor how I can get to her level and she let me in on a secret.
    • I saw one of my favorite instructors using this on Instagram

    The problem you faced which inspired you to find a solution. The problem should relate to the specific product.


    • I was doing yoga 4 times a week and was tired and not progressing.
    • My handstands were getting weaker the more I would practice them and my instructor asked about my protein intake, which was low…
    • I couldn’t find a good tasting vegan protein and I am vegan.
    • My rest days were really wobbly and I was sore all the time.
    • My arms weren’t getting toned. 
    • Competition didn’t taste good.
    • Competition didn’t mix well
    • Felt like I was plateauing with strength moves 


    • I was seeing wrinkles come in.
    • People my age were getting wrinkles and I wanted to prevent them
    • Hair lost its shine
    • Nails were weak
    • Stretches and poses weren’t progressing
    • Knees were hurting after Spin class.
    • Had surgery and wanted to build strong tendons and ligaments.

    Hydra Immunity

    • Was getting sick too often in crowded studios
    • Was getting dehydrated in hot class
    • Was getting dehydration headaches
    • Was worried about covid
    • Was really sweating in spin and wanted to improve hydration


    • Bullet points from product
    • Any special ingredients like Superfruits, Digestive enzymes
    • Flavors?



    • Read Labels
    • Progressing in workouts (how did you progress)
    • Feeling fuller in between meals
    • Easily mixes
    • Tastes amazing
    • More toned
    • Leaner


    • Shiny hair
    • Less frizz
    • Hair and nails are stronger and grow faster
    • Skin is tighter
    • Wrinkles are going away
    • Joints feel better
    • More flexible

    Hydra Immunity:

    • Vitamin C and D3
    • Elderberry for immunity boost
    • Pink Himalayan sea salt to assist with hydration recovery.
    • Zinc to support immune function.
    • Elderberry extract for antioxidant effects and antimicrobial defense.
    • Vitamin d3 for exercise performance.
    • Mix with your workout water or drink before.

    Call to action:

    • Drop what you’re doing and try this today
    • I wish I would have started it sooner, go get some
    • It has been sold out twice before so get it now
    • They are doing free shipping over $75 right now, hurry up

    Please let me know if you have any questions. If there is a product on the site that you are interested in, let me know. Open to content ideas too.