365 Classes in one year.




365 Classes in one year

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 Attending 365 Studio classes didn’t start out as a New Year’s resolution or a challenge from anyone. I found myself 2 months into the year and realized that I had not missed a single class since New Years, “Really?, am I streaking?” I asked myself. This became an internal challenge to do 365 classes in the year. Admittedly, life will get in the way sometimes with the flu, 2 injuries and the occasional night out with a "rest day". There were probably 2 dozen double days and a handful of triple days to accomplish the goal. So how did it go?... 


 The year did not go without challenges that required me to take time off from the gym. I did have some "Life" challenges get in the way and I will cover those in future posts. Between the sick days and vacation days I had about 12 make up days which consisted of double and an occasional triple day.


 I won't get into existing injuries here, lets save that for another installment, I should probably paint the picture of who I am though. I was born in 1978 (43 years old currently) and raised in the glorious 1980’s. I was one of the kids that played out in the dirt a lot which I never really grew out of. For me, staying in shape means being in the gym 3-5 days a week pretty constantly since age 16. So I had good muscle mass but flexibility had become a poor display after lifting for so long. After turning 21 years old I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes which sucks, but I have it well under control with diet, exercise and the oh so awesome Dexcom Glucose Monitor on the back of my arm. After transplanting from the San Francisco Bay Area to San Diego in 2016 I was persuaded to take a Spin Class at Spark Cycle in Point Loma. Somehow the thought of a class had me very nervous. Will they throw me out if I suck? That one class started me in a new direction as I found myself inching forward each class bike by bike to get closer to the center of the room. Wow, what a feeling and I hadn’t sweat like that since wrestling in High School. 


 Fast forward to 2019 and I am living in a suburb of Sacramento as a member of Lifetime Athletic. If you have never been before, you should. They are amazing facilities and I am lucky enough to have close access to 2 locations. This is where I furthered my love of Rhythm Ride Spin with my favorite instructor Alicia. Now I am religious in my attendance 3 times a week to Spin and some class mates persuaded me into Yoga Class where I found my Zen. How has this existed for so long and I have never bought into it? I went in head first and took every class offered with nearly every instructor across the 2 locations. I won’t list my favorite classes and instructors but I will say that I like it HOT. 


 This message is my ice breaker as I open the door from a dark room dominated by nights of research, zoom calls, coding, taste testing to find the correct solution to this market gap in Studio Nutrition. I hope you find value in this company which embraces health and it's amazing community. Please subscribe below to follow our blog featuring THE STUDIO ATHLETE, STUDIOS WE LOVE, STUDIO NUTRITION, Discounts and so much more. 



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