About Us

Who We Are

We are just like you....
We want to feel our best.
We want to pause aging.
We want an extra hour of sleep.

We are single, divorced, married, happy and sad.
We are Yogi's, Spin Junkies and endorphin addicts. (occasional couch potatoes too)
We are all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and practices.

The Shake Chef crew is a mirror of our followers. Just like you, we can feel too tired to attend, we show up 2 minutes late and sneak in, we even keep emergency ice cream behind the frozen veggies. Just like you, we give it our all in class and want to feel our best. We hope you thrive like we have from using the exact products we develop. Tested by us, for you. Finding Shake Chef may have come at a low point, a turning point, or at your pinnacle of wellness. No matter how you got here, we got your back. Now get out there and kick some butt.

A Few Words About

Our Team

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Harvey Spector

Founder - CEO

Jessica Pearson


Rachel Zain

Marketing Head

Luise Litt

Lead Developer

Katrina Bennett

Intern Designer

Mike Ross

Intern Designer

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